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Last week, the Mix-it conference took place and three aviators (@nono, @shakaman and myself) were in Lyon for the event. For those who are not familiar with it, the conference is centered on two main topics, agility and development, plus some alien subjects. You could pick between talks (40 minutes), or lengthier workshops (2 hours) ; the full planning of the events is available here. We tried to split up a bit to cover more ground, but there were way too many things for us to see everything…

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Gophercon 2014

Go’s 1.0 version was released in march 2012, and while the Go community has been growing at a steady pace, it took two years for the very first Gophercon to happen. By their own confession, the organizers were a little bit surprised to see so much enthusiasm, as around 700 gophers from all around the globe swarmed Denver. We could not miss that. :)

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Design et quantified self

Quel est le rôle du design dans le quantified self (quantification de soi en français) ? Telle était la question posée aux six intervenants de la 8e édition du meetup qui a eu lieu à Paris le 31 mars dernier : Rémy Bourganel, Ferdinand Dervieux et Jérémie Lasnier (EnsadLab), Edouard Wautier (Withings), Pierre Garner (Elium Studio) et Nicolas Géraud.

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